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Post  Halinu on Fri Apr 01, 2011 1:06 am

If you're new to BAA (haha, that never gets old), you will probably have some questions. Thankfully, I have answers (I hope)!

What is Dragon Age?
Dragon Age refers to a collection of video games, comics and novels, though it generally refers to the video games Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening, and Dragon Age II. It's a high fantasy roleplaying game about the trials and tribulations of Thedas. There are also dragons. Well, a couple.

What is Blood and Ashes then?

BAA (ahahaha! Okay, I'll stop) is a roleplay forum for those that love the world of Dragon Age. Here, we create original characters to live in the world of Thedas and have their own adventures. We write stories, create artwork and of course, RP! Roleplaying is the act of adopting actions and attitudes of a character and playing them out. RP is similar to acting in a play, where you get into your character and speak and act like them. There are many different types of roleplay: LARP (live action roleplaying) where you dress up and act as your character, real time roleplay (usually over a medium such as IRC (internet relay chat)) where you write character reactions back and forth in quick succession and also forum roleplay, where you write posts reacting to plot or responding to characters.

But... why Blood and Ashes? That sounds kind of... ew.
Says the person who probably played Dragon Age and witnessed mass amounts of blood spatter and dismemberment! Anyway, "blood and ashes" is actually an expletive from the Wheel of Time book series by Robert Jordan. Back when I played the DAII demo, I remember when Aveline says, "Flames. We're too late." For some reason... the way she said that always made me think of "blood and ashes!" and I got to thinking that that would be a really good swear in the Dragon Age world, what with all the blood and... Andraste's... ashes? *shrug* Plus, who doesn't love a sheepish acronym?

How come it looks like there's nothing here?
That is probably because you're a guest. Guests and unapproved members only have limited access to the forums. This feature was implemented to protect the privacy of the roleplayers and also like Dragon Age, Blood and Ashes is rated M. We have blood, gore, violence, sexual themes and coarse language. Though there is nothing truly explicit, there are many roleplays that feature mature content not suitable for random passerbys.

What's the difference between "guest" and "unapproved member"? How do I become a full member?
Guests are people who are visiting the forum but aren't logged in. They can view some categories but cannot post. Unapproved members have registered at the forum, are logged in, but haven't had a character approved for roleplay yet. Unapproved members have limited posting and viewing abilities. To become a "full member" and be able to view and post to the majority of the forum, you must submit a character application and be approved by a moderator.

I want to roleplay! How do I start?
If you're already familiar with the Dragon Age world, you're almost there! Please read all of the stickied posts in Guides and Information. These include BAA Guidelines, Roleplay and Forum Conduct, Character Guidelines and DA Canon and Setting. Then head over to the Character Applications forum and read the Character Application Form. Fill it out and wait til you are approved by a moderator. After this is done, you should be able to access the forums and begin roleplay.

I don't want to jump right in... How do I introduce my character?

If you're having trepidations, check out the Roleplay Request forum. Here, members can start a thread seeking other roleplayers who might mesh well with their characters or who might be interested in plotting.
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