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Post  Halinu on Thu Apr 07, 2011 11:03 pm

Name: Ayla
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 22
Birth place: Outside of Honnleath

Theme song: Faunts - Input

Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Blue

Ayla, Human Mage Ayla
Physical description: Ayla is of normal height for a human woman at approximately five foot six. She is rather slim, but often found swimming in robes several sizes too large for her frame. Her skin is pallid and gives one the impression that she has spent much time indoors. Her ragged dark hair falls to below her shoulders when it's not swept back in a sloppy bun. The dark circles under her squinting azure eyes tell of many sleepless nights reading by candlelight.

Class: Mage
Specialisation: Spirit Healer, Elemental
Prominent skills/spells: Healing, fire spells, cone of cold
Occupation: Apostate Alchemist

Biography: Ayla was born to a farmer and his wife outside of Honnleath. Her family was no stranger to magic, as Ayla's aunt Beatrice had been taken to the Circle many years before her birth. Beatrice proved to be too weak to control her magic and was quickly made Tranquil. When Ayla's magical potential manifested in her youth, her parents feared their daughter would share Beatrice's fate so they hid her from the Chantry. Ayla was a quiet and serious child and through constant supervision and effort, her magic was kept under control and from the public eye.

This all changed when Ilya, her younger sister, was born. The family had been making a meager living off of their modest crops and the poultices Ayla's mother supplied to Honnleath and surrounding farms. Ilya came kicking and screaming into the world: a child crackling with magic. Despite their best efforts, the family could not contain Ilya's obvious magical talents. With word of a Blight on the horizon and the fall of King Cailan, the family packed up and moved north to safer pastures.

As they made their way to Redcliffe, they were ambushed on the road by bandits. After they brutally slayed her family, Ayla managed to escape. (Mysterious circumstances? Mwahaha.) She wandered to Redcliffe, only to find that monsters worse than darkspawn were ravaging the village in the night. She hid in the Chantry, delirious with grief and fear as the Grey Wardens saved Redcliffe and the rest of Ferelden.

She spends her days in a cottage outside of Redcliffe. Occasionally, villagers will come to her for healing salves and other mixtures. Gossip has painted Ayla as a mysterious fortune teller who will mix love potions, but those could just be silly rumours.

Alchemical abilities - Since she was a child, Ayla has been studying potions and concotions. She often helped her mother and gained a lot of early experience. She is able to make healing potions, items to aid in stealth, and other helpful compounds. She's also a good cook! (She does not have any working knowledge of lyrium, however.)

Magical strength - Ayla has the potential to be a very strong magic user. She is by no means a savant, as her sister was, but her fire spells are surprisingly powerful and despite her tredipations, they are her true area of expertise.

Lack of control - Since she is a free apostate (one who has never spent time in a Circle, and therefore is not bound to them by a phylactery), Ayla has received no magical training. Everything she has learned has been from second hand scholars, as there are not many readily-available books on magic outside of the Circles. Though her magic is strong, it is fierce and chaotic, so when she unleashes it, the outcome quickly escapes her control. As such, she avoids using magic - especially her fire abilities - at all costs.

Distrustful - Ayla is extremely suspicious by nature, as she fears apprehension. She expects a templar in disguise at every turn and rarely shares her true self or frank words with anyone. She is cautious to a fault and constantly on edge around others.

"What do you know of destiny and what it has brought to my door?"

Herbalism at its finest (Completed)
{ With Faelní Haeval, Peter Ventus Eirheart, Krios Apollos, Adreas Ryin Shakiri }
An uneventful morning of herb-picking takes a turn for the worst when bandits attack.

House of Cards (Completed) *** GOOD READ
{ With Tempest Adagio, Ser Taunry }
Riddled with indecision, Ayla turns to the guidance of the Tarot. As she goes through the reading, a knock at her door brings her into a whole world of trouble.

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