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Post  Halinu on Fri Apr 01, 2011 1:08 am

When approaching this roleplay, there are a few things to know.

* At any time, moderators may begin a roleplay-wide Story Arc. Story Arcs are plots that have been devised by mods and any character may join and answer the prompts. They are not mandatory, but they often bring the entire community together and let characters who might otherwise not meet get a chance to mingle. They're also a great time for epic battles and heart-breaking death scenes. These Story Arcs are usually important events that could affect an entire city, Ferelden or all of Thedas. (Think mini-Blight.) Story Arc Plots will always have a special announcement and forum so that everyone knows it's happening. All members are welcome to suggest ideas and plots for future Story Arcs in the suggestion thread.

* There are several NPC users on the site that are controlled by the entire mod team. These are special characters that can be featured in Story Arc Plots or be called upon to be ambient characters in roleplays. They have special immunity and may show up in roleplays that are closed, if pertinent. For example, if you are in Denerim and conjuring a Tempest outside the Chantry, you better believe a Templar will come to arrest your ass.
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