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Post  Vivace-Vivian on Thu Aug 04, 2011 12:41 am

Name: Peter Ventus Eirheart
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 28
Birth place: Kirkwall
Hair colour: White
Eye colour: White
Physical description:

Peter is oddly tall for a human female, standing at six foot five. Her skin is tanned from long days outside working for her supper. Stark white eyes and hair a scar left behind from a recent incident, though she always keeps them covered when she’s working. Her features are boyish, with angular eyes and high cheek bones. Thin lips usually turn up into a crooked grin, her hair cut short and left windswept for practical reasons. She is thin, almost frightfully so save for her well toned body that lends to her style of battle.

Her height is mostly attributed to her legs, which lends to her acrobatic nature. Her garb is usually practical, and somewhat stylish. She often wears black or dark brown leathers that form to her body perfectly, with many hidden compartments and armour plates beneath them. Peter’s voice is deep and smooth, though always with a catch of humor even in the darkest of times. Some would say her eyes glow at times, but the dead don’t speak.

Class: Rogue
Specialization: Dual Weapon, Shadow
Prominent skills/spells: Disappearing acts, Knife play, Acrobatics

Working with knives has always been something Peter excelled at. After training with the gangs of Kirkwall the woman became a master of her very own style. Speed and agility are her strengths in this realm. With her knives she primarily focuses on doing damage.

Her more defensive skill is vanishing when things become a little rash. She has an uncanny ability to climb out of sight, perhaps from hopping out of girl’s windows at night in her youth. Her abilities to vanish from sight have only become more formidable in her years as an assassin.

Occupation: Former gang leader. Assassin.


Peter was born to a less than fortunate family in Kirkwall’s Lowtown. Sold as cheap labor at a young age, the girl was put to work with her sister as slaves for one of the town’s many gangs. Fetching, eavesdropping, distracting, any job that would keep them out of the eyes of the leaders, and out of the beds of the members was good enough for the two. Peter took it upon herself to learn all she could from the scoundrels around her so that one day she might see some of the gold they tossed around, and perhaps rise from the ashes of their past.

As they got older Peter and her sister began to notice the dreams. Both had haunting visions in their minds at night, but only Petra was able to truly call forth wondrous abilities from the fade. Peter was left behind when it came to magic, only able to feel a soft humming of it from afar when her sister came close. Knowing that she served as a catalyst for the girl’s power, peter vowed to stay by her and protect her from the templars that would separate them if found. It was with Petra’s powers and peter’s honed skills that they were eventually able to form a gang of their own, and start a rise to power in Lowtown.

Piecing together a small group at the early age of fourteen, peter began her rise in blood and violence, striking down many other leaders. Her abilities were staggering, and no one expected a child to be such trouble. It was through drug trafficking, and finding her own suppliers that peter was able to buy out much of the muscle used for rival gangs. With income coming from the Lyrium trade, as well as several other unsavoury deals peter was able to outfit her growing gang in finer armuor, only to better her business.

The Azure Blades were famous even in the higher districts of Kirkwall. Known to sell eve to the nobles and take on dirty tasks of assassination among other things. Years went by with Peter continuing her training, finding the best fighters in her field, training with them before eventually slaughtering them in battle for having learned her techniques. All this time, she knew Petra was unimpressed with the life she had been forced into. It wasn’t until the age of twenty two that everything fell apart.

It was during a war with a rival gang that their world was turned upside down. The rival gang’s leader happened to be a blood mage, and in the fury and mess both gangs demolished each other, leaving the last few surviving members to be judged by the guard and templars descending upon the scene. One of the Azure lieutenants betrayed her, and Peter was pulled from the arms of her sister, taken off to the prison of Kirkwall as her sister was exiled to the Gallows. For years she stewed in the prison walls, the nightmares only growing worse as she remained far from her sister. That is until she met her.

Liberty, a spirit of virtue appeared to the brooding woman, hearing her endless calls and finally offering her the power and a chance to escape. The miserable twin agreed to make a pact with the spirit, gaining the power to escape from her shackles. It was mostly but an extension to her power. Speed, strength and stealth. Not true magic. But with it Peter made her way through the dungeon, out into the world and eventually through the dark halls of the gallows to find her sister.

With blood soaking into her skin, and death on her tongue Peter ripped through many innocent souls in the Gallows, eventually severing Petra’s chains and dragging the girl out into Kirkwall. both barely escaped, Petra immediately feeling the possession in her sister as they left. The two knew they could not stay, so in an act of desperation the two stowed away on a travelling ship to Ferelden, where they can only hope they will not be pursued.

Today Peter is an experienced assassin in Ferelden. Though she technically lives with her sister in Denerim, she is rarely home. She continues to hone her abilities in stealthy kills, hoping one day to rise to power again.

"Why? Well, why not?"

Peter, Human Rogue Behind

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Possession and a fade link like this between siblings hasn't really been explored. It's kind of a grey area, so I don't see why it can't be considered. Just be careful and make sure it always makes sense! :]
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