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Name: Petra Pluvia Eirheart
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 28
Birth place: Kirkwall
Hair colour: Pale Blonde
Eye colour: Deep Green
Physical description:

Petra is a slender woman, with a height of six feet. A lithe beauty the woman is filled in though only somewhat toned from her years running from the guards and Templars. Her skin is somewhat pale due to her avoidance of the sun and usually very modest attire. Her hair is often down, long and past her shoulders with light waves to it. Her features are boyish, though it is easy to note those light long lashes, and dark emerald eyes remain a rather feminine feature. Petra’s voice is soft yet still deep, and remains smooth in even the most hazardous of situations.

Class: Mage
Specialisation: Primal
Prominent skills/spells: Rock Armour, Spells of the Earth, Defence
Occupation: Seamstress


When Petra was born the only good grace to be had by the girl was her twin sister Peter. The two girls were born in Lowtown in Kirkwall, where they were soon sold off by their parents as cheap labour to a neighbourhood gang. Both girls were identical in the eyes, but Petra was always the weaker of the two. While peter ran her errands for the gangs and took part in heavy lifting Petra was left to gather information, and play the mind games that peter did not excel at.

At first she didn’t tell peter about the dreams. The visions she saw in her mind as she slept were too vivid, too real to simply be coincidence. She felt as if she could see the past and future, present and the world all around her at once. She could feel the changes in herself and in her body. The connection to the world around her. Instead of gathering only the information she was asked to from houses of their owner’s interest she began to steal other books as well. While Peter learned to fight she learned to read, and studied any text she could get her hands on concerning what she was.

Both the girls knew the power Petra had was linked to her sister. Somehow it bled to the other, and when the stronger girl drew far from her Petra felt drained. She was a catalyst to the girl’s budding magical power. But it was a well kept secret, held tightly under wraps. She used her magic sparingly at first, but as their hunger for power continued to grow, and their place in the gangs became higher Petra found herself using the elements more and more. The ability to make one’s flesh like stone when an assassins’ bolt came screaming toward them was useful indeed.

The drugs, violence and constant attacks Peter orchestrated caused Petra’s stomach to churn. She hated the gang life. But Peter was too deep, and as her sister rose in power Petra could only aid to keep her safe. So she continued her training. She kept her ear to the ground, making sure no assassin could lay their hand on her sister. She felt temptation to grow her powers, and took part in some torture of enemy informants. Something Petra would never forgive herself for.

It was after they turned twenty two, and were considered extremely powerful in the underground that the gang war started. A fight between both sides, no concern of the authorities but a blood bath in the streets. Eventually the battle mounted with a lieutenant of Peter’s revealing a location where the final fight between the gangs would happen. Templars and Guards were inbound. It was then when Petra was caught with her hands coated in stone, powers completely out in the open. Perhaps she could have killed the guards who saw her. But Petra was never one to kill an innocent.

The vision of Peter’s eyes as they put her in shackles would remain burned in the mage’s mind forever, just as the feel of the templar's hands at her wrists as she was torn away from her twin. Their screams sounded in her skull for years after as she wasted away in the Gallows. The cruelty of the templars was not lost on the beautiful young woman, who constantly looked at them with a determined glare. She didn’t hate them. They were simply men and women. But they barred her from her sister there. Petra did not loose her thirst for knowledge. She held on to the hunger and learned all she could, visiting Peter through their somewhat shared dreams.

When peter came to her rescue Petra could feel the possession within her. But strangely enough, the spirit sought not to arc to her as well. Seeing her sister wounded the girl led them to Ferelden. They had the good grace of a stash of money they had left near the pier just in case, and with it bought a small home in Denerim in which they intended to live. Petra had learned how to sew throughout the years of mending her sister’s clothes, as well as gang member’s wounds. Doing freelance seamstress work she manages to pull in a steady income, accepting very little of the money peter offers for she knows it is stained in blood.

"Living in fear is far better than living in a cage."

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