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Name: Kuma Droso
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: 24
Birth place: Kirkwall
Hair colour: White
Eye colour: Red
Physical description: Kuma is an average sized human, standing at 5'10", and weighing 200 lbs. He has a slightly muscular build, and is fairly fit. He has medium length white hair, which is often slicked back. He has deep crimson eyes. he often wears a harsh, cold expression, but his eyes reveal the fear and insecurity he tries to hide with hatred. He often wears a dark hooded black cloak over multiple layers of black tunic and shrouds. When in public he usually wears a black cloth over his face as well.

Class: Mage
Specialisation: Bloodmage, Elemental
Prominent skills/spells:
Grave Robber(One foot In)/Sacrifice: Blood magic is the first form of magic that Kuma learned, and as a result he has grown in skill using blood magic, and learned how to use the blood of others to power his spells.
Hemorrhage: Kuma's "go-to" spell so to speak.
Blood Slave: Kuma has only begun his study in this technique. He does not follow the normal ideals of the maleficarum, and uses blood magic not as a means to control others, but as a means for power. as a result he has spent little time learning how to use the Blood slave technique, and as it is can only effectively release the spell on being s with lesser cognitive abilities(animals, darkspawn, etc.)
Winter's Grasp/Cone of Cold: In the elemental tree, Kuma focuses more on ice spells. Though he does not consider himself a maleficarum, or blood mage in the traditional sense of the word, and sees nothing wrong with his study of that magic, Kuma knows that others do not see it that way. As a result he spent time learning others spells to defend himself which would not reveal his dealings in blood magic.
Occupation: Weaponsmith

Biography: Kuma was born as an orphan in Darktown. he grew up on the mean streets of Kirkwall, learning at a young age to fight and defend himself, and how to survive. Uneducated in things which normally were seen as common knowledge, Kuma knew next to nothing of mages. he believed that those in the circle were genius scholars, who had shown great intellect, and as a result been chosen to learn magic. He was unaware that magic was something born into a person.

As a result of this naivety, when his dreams began leading him to the Fade, Kuma did not realize there was danger involved. He believed that what he was experiencing was nothing more than a vivid, recurring dream. he believed the fade to be a dimension his own mind had created. It wasn't long before his experiences in the Fade supported this falsehood, leading Kuma slowly down the path to blood magic. The first being the boy met in the fade was a rage demon known as Rethos. The ancient being could tell that the boy knew nothing o the Fade, or the danger demons posed, and saw this as an opportunity to gain a powerful host. He befriended Kuma, and spent a great deal of time with the boy. Touching his mind, Rethos used insight into Kuma's hopes and dreams to shape his territory in the fade to be exactly what Kuma desired each night, causing the boy to think he was the one controlling things

It was when he was 14 years old, that he first realized he could use magic. Darktown was always a dangerous place, and Kuma usually was quite good at keeping a low profile, blending into the shadows, and avoiding any danger. On one occasion however, he was not as lucky. Late one night a group of street bandits stopped Kuma, apparently thinking he had some sort of possessions worth stealing. When he handed nothing over despite their threats, they attacked. Kuma tried to run, and avoid their blades, but one of the bandits made contact, and left a gash across Kuma's back. Screaming out in pain he fell to the dirt, and his blood began to pour from his wound. For the first time in his life, Kuma heard Rethos' voice without being asleep. He called out to the boy, attempting to help him.

"Kuma, let me in. I can help you. I can show you what to do. I can save you from these men." Kuma allowed the demon to help him, and could feel its subtle influence on his mind. It was as if a light bulb blinked on in his brain, and new knowledge flooded his synapses. He used the blood pouring from the wound in his back to fuel a powerful spell, effectively wiping the men from existence, as their bodies turned to dust. Rethos had helped him in releasing this spell, and had given him all the knowledge he needed to use blood magic. What Rethos did not expect however, was that in gaining this knowledge, Kuma would also gain knowledge he had previously not had on other forms of magic. In this moment he realized the truth of the fade, and Rethos' intentions. As he slipped into unconsciousness in a dark alley, he confronted the demon in the fade.

While his body slowly healed in the real world, Kuma began a long game of cat and mouse with the demon, looking to destroy it in order to assure his safety. When he finally confronted the creature he was able to conquer it. As Rethos had been the only demon Kuma had ever encountered in the Fade, he felt confidence in his new safety.

He spent the next several years training his magical abilities in secret. Taking more trips to other parts of Kirkwall he began to learn of the fear and hatred maleficarum bred in others around them. he did not see the blood magic he had used as something evil or dangerous, but just another tool of magic. He understood that many bloodmages used these abilities to manipulate and control others, but he did not see this as a necessary part of blood magic. He believed that it was possible to be noble and virtuous and a blood mage both.

Unfortunately, Kirkwall began to grow more and more dangerous a place for a mage of any ilk. He knew that being a blood mage was even worse, and feared that word of his abilities could circulate. In order to protect himself he boarded a ship to Fereldan shortly after the end of the Blight. In this new country no one knew him, and he would no longer be a suspicious individual. he kept his magic under wraps, apprenticing as a weaponsmith in Denerim.

Presently he uses his magic very sparingly, choosing to keep it hidden unless circumstances call for it, with no other alternative. He practically never performs blood magic in public however, and only uses it when he knows that all witnesses will be unable to tell his secret.

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It's nice to see a Blood Mage who hasn't completely fallen to shambles and still denies the possession of demons! :D
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