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Post  Halinu on Fri Apr 01, 2011 1:11 am

There are often many different ways to roleplay and tackle forum roleplaying. Here are some guidelines and rules that Blood and Ashes employs.

* Absolutely no godmoding or bunnying. Members may only control their own characters, unless it has been previously plotted and there is a disclaimer in the post. Godmoding is when your character is perceived as invincible or "perfect" and rules that apply to everyone else do not apply to you. We urge everyone to put careful thought into crafting a realistic character with depth.

* Thedas is a gritty world. There will be blood, death and horrible language. There will also be love and kittens. Swearing and violence is fine and so is mild sexual content. Kissing and sexual tension can make for some really awesome roleplays, as can intense battles. Please avoid horrifying graphic gore and violence and sexually explicit scenes. Any roleplay that is considered risqué and/or deals with difficult content should have a [Mature] at the beginning of the post title and a warning in the original post detailing the mature content.

* Proper spelling and grammar are expected. Use captials and punctuation. Nothing breaks up a roleplay like lack of punctuation. Actually... I guess it does break... up... a roleplay... <_<;;

* Whatever happens IC, stays IC. Character A might have a grudge and be terribly cruel to Character B. Please realise that these are characters and their aggression is not targetted towards you. Character B might be a dirty knife-ears, but that doesn't mean you are being insulted.

* Don't harrass or flame other members. Discussion is fine and expected, but trolling is kind of lame.

* Avoid meta-gaming. If one of your characters finds out something, it doesn't mean all of your characters know it too.

* Spend time on your responses. For a successful roleplay, put thought and effort into your replies.

* Out of character comments in roleplay posts should be surrounded by parentheses. Example: (( Sorry that took so long. ))

* Your character cannot be in more than one place at a time. If your character is getting drunk in a thread in Denerim, they cannot also be hunting in the Brecilian Forest. The only exception is the Character Development forum which are roleplays taking place between characters in the past or at an undefined time.

* If the RP takes you to different places, you can always post a link at the end of one thread and create a new thread in the new locale.

* Plotting is perfectly allowed, but please keep detailed plotting to PMs. You don't want to ruin the surprise!

* Always establish what type of roleplay thread you are creating at the beginning of the thread title. Is it [Open] to anyone or only to a certain number or character class? Is it [Closed] to the people specified? Does it have [Mature] content? You can always add additional details to the beginning of the first post.

* On the previous note, respect the OP (original poster's) tags. If they have [Closed] the thread to only specific people or characters, do not post in that thread unless you get their permission. Sometimes people put a lot of thought and effort into plotting scenes out. Please do not ruin that for others.

Members found godmoding, harrassing other users, or not conforming to proper roleplay and forum etiquette will receive two warnings before being formally banned from Blood and Ashes.
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