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Post  Halinu on Fri Apr 01, 2011 1:24 am

There are very few rules to character creation here at Blood and Ashes, but there are many guidelines to keep characters lore-appropriate. The two main rules to keep in mind at all times when considering a new character are very straight forward:

1. Thou shalt not play a canonical character. There will be no Alistairs, no Lelianas, and no Anders. There will only be original characters in this roleplay. Occassionally, you may see moderators sticking in a lore-appropriate cameo appearance, but this will only be for amusement value or major plot advancement. There are many reasons we decided to go this route. There are so many different ways the game can play out depending on your origin, actions and how you treat your companions. This gets especially tricky with love interests and individual Grey Wardens. (Who does Alistair really love? Amell or Cousland? YOU DECIDE.) Let us foster our own friendships, rivalries, love, hate and betrayal with fresh and different characters. This also prevents the RP from interfering with individual RPers' personal canon for the games.

2. Thou shalt be realistic.
We're elitist snobs and lore nerds. Create a reasonable character with real flaws and feelings. Also, if your character gets hit with a million arrows, you're probably dead. Just a heads up.

Those are the two cardinal rules. Let's explore some character guidelines.

* There are four character races: Human, dwarf, elf, and qunari. There can be half-breeds with sufficient evidence and backstory. Any other race may be considered if a mod/admin is contacted beforehand and a solid argument is made in its defense. This sort of thing is done case by case and just because someone else is allowed to play an "awakened" darkspawn doesn't mean you can too.

* There are three classes, as per the Dragon Age games: Warrior, Rogue, Mage. Mage characters must be born as Mages and magic cannot be learned through any other means (as of yet). You are welcome to play a character who has no class, whether they be commoner or noble. They won't fare well in combat situations, so be sure your roleplay reflects this. As time passes, they are able to learn a class archetype (only Warrior or Rogue) through the teachings of other characters in the RP. This cannot be learned over night, so please keep that in mind when creating your character.

* Characters also have occupations. What does your character do? Are they an apostate, Templar, farmer or a bartender?

* Characters may start with zero to two specialisations within their class. As they adventure and meet others, they may learn other specialsations through their companions. After an appropriate amount of time (several months) you may learn another specialisation. Specialisations are currently a mix of DA:O, DA:OA and DA2's specialisations.

* Be reasonable with your spells and abilities. Only very talented and seasoned individuals have an array of skills. A Warrior would have to spend many, many years training to be proficient with two-handed swords, hammers and a sword and shield. Young apprentices of the Circle would not realistically know all of the fire, ice and lightning spells.

* Know your backstory. If you decide you want to be Orlesian, learn about Orlais! How did you end up in Ferelden? The same goes for races: if you're qunari, how do you feel about the Qun? What is your role? Have you become Tal-Vashoth?

* Characters can die and become seriously injured. Ultimately, it is up to the character's creator if their character will die when faced with a periless situation, but please be aware that we can't all be important and wear plot armour.

* No character is allowed to be related to any prominent characters in Dragon Age. You cannot be Morrigan's demon baby or Maric's other bastard child or Hawke's cousin. A relation to a very minor character may be tolerated if the moderators are approached beforehand.

* You may have multiple characters. You must apply and be approved for each character and we recommend being active enough to maintain all of your characters.

* If you are an apostate and/or maleficar, be warned. Brazen displays of magic will attract the notice of the Templars, whether plotted or not. We can't have this turning into the Tevinter Imperium! SHEESH! If you wish to request Templar intervention/notice, please see this thread.

* The Dragon Age Wiki is a really great place to learn about different races, factions and countries!
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