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Petition a Right of Conscription or Intervention Roleplay Empty Petition a Right of Conscription or Intervention Roleplay

Post  Jerusha on Tue Sep 27, 2011 10:58 pm

Times are tough for the Grey Wardens of Ferelden. The numbers within our order were greatly diminished at the Battle at Ostagar and we are desperate for new recruits. We need solid, strong people to protect the realm in times of need and Blight. However, sometimes we see those of our ilk being condemned and persecuted when they would be better served within our ranks. There are also those who are prematurely affected by the taint when they still have great deeds left within them.

As Grey Wardens, we have the right to demand that any individual, whether they be prince or pauper be released to our order. However, the Right of Conscription is used very rarely, especially in Ferelden where our footing is rocky at best. We only seek the best of the best, as they are the ones that will save us in dire times.

Before applying to join the Grey Wardens, please be aware of the following:

* Those who undergo the Joining Ritual may die*
* Grey Wardens are almost completely sterile
* Grey Wardens have a very short lifespan (typically 20-30 years after their Joining)
* Grey Wardens are not usually concerned with matters of state
* We suffer from horrible nightmares (the worst of it is during a Blight)

* VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Whether you apply voluntarily or through Right of Conscription/Intervention RP, if you are accepted, your character will undergo a Joining Ritual. This ritual is a sacred rite and may end with the permanent death of your character. By applying to the Grey Wardens, you are agreeing that you understand the risks and relinquish your character’s fate in the Joining Ritual. For more information on the Joining Ritual and how we calculate mortality, please see the Joining Ritual thread.

If you agree and understand all of the previous statements, you’re almost ready to go! We ask the following requirements of our recruits:

* Your character is already approved by the moderators through the character application process
* You have made a minimum 20 roleplay posts as your character

The Right of Conscription is a very serious thing and must be carefully considered. Your request will only be accepted if you make a very good case for yourself. You may only make one Grey Warden Right of Conscription petition request per character. Essentially, if we deny you once, you have been deemed unworthy of the Grey Wardens. It would take some amazing deeds and character reform for us to consider you again.

Those that are recruited through Right of Conscription forego the “worth mission” roleplay that those who volunteer to join the Wardens must complete. Since we are actively intervening in your fate, we have already decided you are worth the risk. However, you are also missing the opportunity to gain bonus survival points through additional roleplay.

Here are some examples of when the Grey Wardens would invoke the Right of Conscription or intervene in roleplay affairs:

* A mage is caught by the Templars and is being brought to the Circle
* A criminal is about to be executed
* Through repeated exposure to darkspawn, you have acquired the taint

If you meet these requirements and agree to the terms, reply to this thread with the following form:

[b]Character’s name:[/b]
[b]Link to character’s profile:[/b]
[b]Sum up your character in three words:[/b]
[b]What circumstances lead to your character’s dire situation?[/b]
[b]Why do you think your character should become a Grey Warden?[/b]
[b]What would your character do after the Joining Ritual?[/b]
[b]What does your character think of the Grey Wardens?[/b]
[b]Did your character have any interest in joining the Grey Wardens before they fell on hard times?[/b]
[b]Link to the active roleplay thread where your character needs help:[/b]

[b]I, [your username here], relinquish [your character’s name here]’s fate in the Joining Ritual.[/b]

Be as thorough, complete and honest as you can. Your character doesn’t have to love or trust the Grey Wardens for them to force you to join. The Right of Conscription is rarely granted; you will have to make a very strong case for yourself. After all, you may be begging for your life.

Please allow 1-2 days for a Senior Grey Warden to process and consider your request. You will then be notified if you have been accepted or denied and a Grey Warden will promptly intervene in your roleplay and conscript you.

When the events of the conscription roleplay have concluded, you will receive notification when your Joining Ritual thread has been posted and is ready to go. We strongly suggest you familiarise yourself with the Joining Ritual before you express an interest in joining the Grey Wardens.

If you have any questions regarding the Grey Wardens, please feel free to contact any of the acting Senior Wardens on duty through private message!

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