Voluntary Recruitment into the Grey Wardens

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Voluntary Recruitment into the Grey Wardens Empty Voluntary Recruitment into the Grey Wardens

Post  Jerusha on Tue Sep 27, 2011 11:03 pm

So you think the life of the Wardens is exciting and a great chance for glory? We are continually looking for strong, courageous individuals to serve within the Wardens to bolster our ranks since the tragedy at Ostagar. Though we have received fresh recruits from Weisshaupt and Orlais, we are still sorely lacking Fereldans within our order.

Before applying to join the Grey Wardens, please be aware of the following:

* Those who undergo the Joining Ritual may die*
* Grey Wardens are almost completely sterile
* Grey Wardens have a very short lifespan (typically 20-30 years after their Joining)
* Grey Wardens are not usually concerned with matters of state
* We suffer from horrible nightmares (the worst of it is during a Blight)

* VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Whether you apply voluntarily or through Right of Conscription/Intervention RP, if you are accepted, your character will undergo a Joining Ritual. This ritual is a sacred rite and may end with the permanent death of your character. By applying to the Grey Wardens, you are agreeing that you understand the risks and relinquish your character’s fate in the Joining Ritual. For more information on the Joining Ritual and how we calculate mortality, please see the Joining Ritual thread.

If you agree and understand all of the previous statements, you’re almost ready to go! We ask the following requirements of our recruits:

* Your character is already approved by the moderators through the character application process
* You have made a minimum 10 roleplay posts as your character

If you meet these requirements and agree to the terms, reply to this thread with the following form:

[b]Character’s name:[/b]
[b]Link to character’s profile:[/b]
[b]Why does your character want to join the Grey Wardens?:[/b]

[b]I, [your username here], relinquish [your character’s name here]’s fate in the Joining Ritual.[/b]

After you have replied to this thread, a Senior Warden will acknowledge your interest and reply with a link to a roleplay thread where you will “show your worth”. Similar to acquiring darkspawn blood and the Warden treaties in Dragon Age: Origins, you will go on a short mission with an established Grey Warden (Senior Warden Jerusha or even other Wardens who have proven their worth and dedication to our cause). Please note: this roleplay session is a good way to get bonus points to survive your Joining Ritual. If you fail to complete your mission, the supervising Grey Warden decides you are unworthy of the Grey Wardens or you abandon your mission, your request to join the Wardens may be denied.

When your roleplay mission with your supervising Grey Warden companion has completed, you will receive notification when your Joining Ritual thread has been posted and is ready to go. We strongly suggest you familiarise yourself with the Joining Ritual before you express an interest in joining the Grey Wardens.

If you have any questions regarding the Grey Wardens, please feel free to contact any of the acting Senior Wardens on duty through private message!

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