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Creating a new Warden Empty Creating a new Warden

Post  Jerusha on Tue Sep 27, 2011 11:08 pm

Creating a new Grey Warden from scratch, is similar to the new character creation process. Since Grey Wardens are a little more complicated and have some additional abilities and immunities, creating a Grey Warden is a little more involved. There are two parts the application process. Please make sure you complete both.


The first part of the application contains a short quiz on some Grey Warden lore to demonstrate your knowledge of the Grey Wardens and your problem-solving abilities. Please send a private message to Senior Warden Jerusha with the following quiz and your answers.

1. What is the Grey Warden motto?

2. What is the Grey Warden’s sign (sigil, heraldry)?

3. Where is the main headquarters of all of the Grey Wardens)?

4. What is Vigil’s Keep?

5. What is the Joining Ritual and what does it entail?

6. What is an “archdemon”?

If you get some of these wrong, it’s not necessarily a fail. These questions are easily researched. In theory, any member of the Grey Wardens would know most, if not all, of the answers to these questions.

Once you have received a reply from Jerusha with a pass on your quiz, you may post your character application in the Grey Wardens forum. Please put your character’s name as the topic with [Application] in front of it. For example:

[Application] Jerusha

The body of your post should contain the following information:

Birth place:
Hair colour:
Eye colour:
Physical description:

Prominent skills/spells:


How long have you been a Grey Warden?

How were you recruited into the Grey Wardens?

How do you feel about the Grey Wardens?

Where and what were you doing during the last Blight?

Finally, at the end of your application, we ask that you include a short roleplay sample of around 300-500 words of your character’s Joining Ritual experience.

Please note that these applications will be scrutinised for continuity and the more time and thought you put into the character, the better!

After you have completed your application, please allow for 1-2 days for it to be processed by a Senior Warden. Your application topic will receive either an APPROVED! or a post explaining why you have been denied. Once you have amended the problem areas and notified the Warden, you will be promptly reaccessed.

If you have any questions regarding the Grey Wardens, please feel free to contact any of the acting Senior Wardens on duty through private message!

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