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READ FIRST: Grey Warden FAQ and Applications Empty READ FIRST: Grey Warden FAQ and Applications

Post  Jerusha on Tue Sep 27, 2011 11:16 pm

The Grey Wardens are an ancient order dedicated to defeating darkspawn. Due to the powers and immunities of the Grey Wardens, the mod team at Blood and Ashes has decided to make the application process of becoming a Grey Warden separate from Character Applications. If you’re looking to create a regular, non-Grey Warden character, please see the Character Applications forum.

Can anyone on BAA join the Grey Wardens?
Yes! Whether it’s your first character or an already approved character, all are welcome to join. The process is lengthy, however, and not to be taken lightly!

How many times can I apply to become a Grey Warden?
It depends on which way you’re applying.
* Making a new Grey Warden from scratch: you can submit as many applications and amendments as you’d like (at the risk of annoying the Senior Wardens! ;P)
* Making an approved character a Grey Warden: you can only submit one application per character. This goes for volunteer recruitment and Right of Conscription. If you are denied, we don’t think you are right for the Grey Wardens. We look for the best of the best and if you don’t make the cut, that’s that.

In extremely rare circumstances, the Grey Wardens may seek out exceptional individuals after great deeds in Story Arcs or choose to overturn a previous decision and grant entry to those whose applications were formerly denied.

What’s a Senior Warden and how do I become one?
A Senior Grey Warden is a high-ranking Grey Warden who moderates new recruits and handles entry mission roleplays and Joinings. Through dedication and activity, it’s possible for these priviledges to be bestowed upon Grey Warden characters who have proven they are responsible and understand the Grey Wardens.

Yeaaaah! I’m an all-powerful Grey Warden! I ANSWER TO NO ONES!!!!111!111
Well, except your order. You are under the watchful eye of your Senior Wardens and if you step out of line, prepare to be smacked and reprimanded.

I’ve changed my mind! I don’t want to be a Grey Warden! :[
Don’t panic. You may choose to walk away anytime before your Joining Ritual. You can withdraw your application after you have been accepted and before your mission roleplay, you may decline to do your mission roleplay or change your mind within or after the roleplay. However, once you have replied to your Joining Ritual roleplay thread you are locked in. Either you go through the ritual, or you are slain to keep the ritual a secret.

If you choose to defect after becoming a Grey Warden, you will be actively pursued and brought back to the order if found.

There are multiple ways of playing a Grey Warden character within Blood and Ashes:

Create a Grey Warden from scratch
If you intend to create a brand-new character who happens to be a Grey Warden, you will want to go here. The application process is a little more involved than a regular Character Application to make sure those RPing as a Grey Warden understand the lore and gravity of their actions.

Recruit an existing character into the Grey Wardens
If you already have an approved character that wishes to become a Grey Warden, please read this thread. Your character will need to be reviewed by a Senior Warden through a short roleplay test to ascertain your character’s “worth” (similar to gathering darkspawn blood and the Warden documents in Dragon Age: Origins). If you pass, you will then go through the Joining.

Petition a Right of Conscription or Intervention Roleplay
If your approved character is in a dire situation where they see no way out (acquired the taint, facing death or apprehension) you may petition to have a Grey Warden intervene in your roleplay and exercise the Right of Conscription. There is a lengthy questionnaire to fill out and if your petition is accepted, a Senior Warden will intervene and you will proceed to the Joining.

Those who volunteer or are conscripted into the Grey Wardens must go through a Joining Ritual: a secret and dangerous rite that could end your adventure in Blood and Ashes. If you are interested in joining the Grey Wardens through option two or three, please read the Joining Ritual page.

If you have any questions regarding the Grey Wardens, please feel free to contact any of the acting Senior Wardens on duty through private message!

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