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Post  Halinu on Fri Apr 01, 2011 1:28 am

The world of Dragon Age is shaped by your decisions. BioWare crafted an interesting and persistent world where choice can affect a playthrough. When discussing your game with a friend, you will sometimes find that there are vast differences. Of course, this is a huge problem for a roleplay because what my Warden may have done is completely different than what someone else's Warden did. To eliminate this issue, we are establishing a Dragon Age canon for Blood and Ashes.

The roleplay currently takes place in 9:32. Dragon Age, year 32. The Warden has ended the Blight, slain the Broodmother and the Harvester and dealt with Morrigan. Conversely, Hawke has returned from the Deep Roads after discovering the Idol. The battle with the qunari in Kirkwall has not taken place yet. (This happens in 9:33.)

Blood and Ashes's canon assumes the following:

* The Warden was of Noble Human Origin, the son of Bryce Cousland
* The Warden recruited all companions and grew close to them
* Sided with the Mages and saved First Enchanter Irving
* Broke the curse on the werewolves in Brecilian Forest and recruited the elves
* Connor was saved
* Arl Eamon was cured with the Ashes of Andraste
* The Ashes were not defiled
* Harrowmont was made King of Orzammar
* Loghain was killed
* Alistair was made King of Ferelden
* The Warden performed the Dark Ritual with Morrigan
* Didn't die when he slayed the Archdemon
* Secured Warden's Keep
* Killed both Sophia Dryden and Avernus
* Discovered Shale
* Burned Cailan's body
* Saved Amaranthine
* The Architect is alive
* Let Morrigan go through the Eluvian

Most of this canon reflects the Hero of Ferelden default preset option in Dragon Age II with some personal decisions that compliment the "good guy" vibe the preset implies. As for the events in Dragon Age II, that canon is still up in the air, in regards to the RP. As the events of Blood and Ashes run parallel to those of Hawke in Kirkwall, the canon reflecting their actions is yet to be determined.

The majority of Blood and Ashes takes place in Ferelden. There are also forums for other countries and important areas, but they are to be considered with a grain of salt. There is little information on places like Weisshaupt Fortress so RP is to be done sparingly in Far-Off Places.
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