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Post  Vivace-Vivian on Tue Oct 11, 2011 11:00 pm

Name: Tempest Adagio
Gender: Female
Race: Dalish Elf
Age: 56
Birth place: The Wilds of Anderfels
Hair colour: Light Brunette
Eye colour: Violet Blue
Physical description:

As a Dalish Tempest is somewhat short but lithe. She stands at five foot four, with slightly tanned skin and strong but feminine features. Her hair is cropped short, only to an inch or two at the longest and it feathers back lightly. Her ears are longer then most, and come away from her face quite a bit earning her a bit more criticism in towns. Despite her height, the woman looks powerful. Her body is thin, but well toned and suited for rooting around in the forest.

Em’s eyes are a deep violet purple, similar to her mother’s. Her Elven tattoos are mostly bodily, spanning across her shoulders, chest and back in winding navy thorns and vines. A newer image of a griffon adorns the rest of her back, from shoulders to the small of it. However as she is often wearing furs and leathers, such tattoos are rarely seen. She has long limbs and hands suitable for crafting. Her voice is often quiet and calm, usually overthrown in a crowd.

Class: Warrior


Tempest learned her skills with the bow from years of training with the Dalish. Following her mother as a Hunter, she became excessively good at precise shots, and making every hit land with full force. She is best at pinning her enemies down with her arrows, and ripping them through and through with powerful strikes. Em thinks of the bow as another part of her body, and each arrow a breath put out into the world at her discretion.


Having already near mastered the bow, Em took it upon herself to learn new skills with the Wardens in Anderfels eventually coming to be an extremely skilled defender. She is best at remaining resilient despite her wounds, holding her bow steady with even the harshest gash. She also has the ability to shrug off many magical attacks with a mental fortitude she has developed over several years of training.

Prominent skills/spells: Rapid Pinning and Disorienting Shot, Archer’s lance, Resilience and Admant.

A Hasty Decision

Around her torches flickered and she could hear the footfalls of her people as she was pulled uphill. The leather stretcher upon which she lay shifted in all directions, from side to side, up and down as the terrain permitted. She could feel her clan all around, the Keeper’s hand over her forehead, “Rest young one, we will arrive shortly.”

The world darkened. The torches went out, and for a moment she succumbed to the bile and acid running through her veins. The wounds still fresh, she could feel her hair matted against the back of her neck where she’d received a terrible gash. She could remember their fanged jowls as she pulled one of her brethren out of the pit. The treacherous mud slide into a hive of the Spawn that guarded the one herb to save her father’s life. Lying here, dying herself she still could only think on him, and if she had made it in time.

She awoke, eyes open yet covered by her keeper’s palm. She could smell the pine beads wrapped round the woman’s hand. The wind had died, the air was dry and wrought with the spark from a wood flame. She could hear mumbling far off, yet didn’t know it was right beside her. As the keeper uncovered her face, she looked up to see stone, then the face of a human she had never seen before. Yet that armour, the insignia on the tapestry on the wall. She knew where she was.

“Her face has never been so pale, even as I pulled her from her mother.” The elder spoke, hand sliding down Tempest’s arm, “I had a vision, she is not meant to die this day. Please, you are the only ones who can help her.” Tempest felt herself cough and gag, unable to control the blight that had begun to take over her body. Her eyes rolled back and there was darkness again. She heard a few deep mumbles. Protest, and then she felt movement again.

When her eyes opened it was to a wall and a hand at her cheek. Far off someone was chanting the words. Join us. Another, thicker hand came to her face she felt cold metal press to her lips, “Drink.” Her mentor spoke, and immediately she complied. She never disobeyed the Keeper, and as the vile liquid hit her tongue she continued to pull it down her throat, swallowing until it took her completely. Finally it knocked her directly into darkness where she thought she may remain forever.

But after an eternity, that took place in only a day she awoke to the sound of voices. More rage. The door burst open to the room she lay in, “You can’t have her!” It was her father’s scream, and she felt her head being pulled onto a familiar knee, “She is my child, mine!” Her body felt heavy, but her veins hollow as the thumping pain from the battle returned. Glancing up to the doorway she could see it. Two figures, the Keeper and another who spoke in a deep, definitive tone, “She is one of us now.” She could hear her father’s wails become ever quieter as she fell back to blackness.


Anderfels itself remains a wasteland after weathering the Blights. Tempest was truly a child of her nation. The poorest, the most desolate places they traversed. The Dalish camp was small, only the most elite able to survive the harshness of weather and days they often went without food. Anderfels steppes and dry planes of rock left much room for the mind to expand. With the constant threat from Darkspawn, the small group was tightly knit.

Em was born into her tribe from the lead huntress Emily, and a skilled smith Wyvern. Somewhat named for her mother, the girl was integrated into the tribe quickly. She learned the ways of the Dalish, what little they knew of their history there. Ever vigilant, she took in all the information she could, ever present in her mother’s shadow. The woman was the most skilled hunter their tribe had ever seen. But Tempest was not intimidated by this. Rather it fueled her desire to be better.

As a child Em was ambitious. Their group traveled all over Anderfels. They traded more with humans then most Dalish tribes because of the scarceness of resources. This meant her knowledge of their famous grey Wardens was somewhat more vast. But they were always off in the distance. A speck so far away she could scarce see their influence. Little did she know what would become of her one day. She grew to love the tales and rules of her tribe; nights by the fire near starving, but huddled together with their stories, close to her mother and father, losing herself in the endless stars and the knowledge that she was another link in an ever strengthening chain.

As Em grew she took knowledge from both her mother and father. She learned the ways of a smith, paying attention to her father’s methods and trying some out herself to fashion her own very first bow. It was a bow she carried with her for many years until she grew into a young woman. She fought alongside her mother, often having to slay waves of Darkspawn to keep her family safe. Thus was the way of life in Anderfels.

It was during exploration of an old ruin that Tempest would receive her new bow. The young elf, then at the age of twenty entered the cave with her mother and two other hunters. They gathered artifacts, expanded their knowledge on the old gods. But for their knowledge there was a terrible price. The group was ambushed by a Darkspawn horde. The skilled hunters held off the attack for hours, placing themselves behind several pillars to keep the horde away.

It was when an ogre appeared to the already exhausted group that Emily made a decision. Seeing her daughter’s wounds and that of her companions she rushed the Ogre. Leaping up onto the thing, she grabbed onto its shoulder. As it twisted and arched against her, she was thrown against one of the pillars. Yet she continued to climb. She made it finally to the creature’s shoulders, and pulling back three arrows into her longbow let them strike down into its head, immediately making it crumple to the ground.

That day tempest held her mother as blood filled her lungs. She accepted the very bow her mother had died with, and gave up her childhood weapon forever. Emily deemed she become the next head huntress, and Tempest accepted her first task to lead the small group out of the infested area to safety with her mother’s body in toe.

After Emily’s death Tempest became a strong leader in her tribe, working closely with her Keeper to make sure their bellies were full enough and their ranks strong. Her father became distant for a while, seeing too much of his wife in his daughter to watch her go off on the same mad crusades. Or at least, this was what Em thought. What the woman didn’t know was that her father was ill, and feared for his daughter’s emotional state. Losing another parent so soon would be tragic. It however wouldn’t be until several years later, when Tempest was forty two and a master huntress that his sickness would mount.

Hearing of a cure while trading with one of the human towns, Em immediately dove into research for an herb that could heal her father, and sought to raise a party to go and obtain it. It was the first time her Keeper held her back from a decision. But Tempest would not be stopped. She stole away into the night, alone on her quest for the elusive herb that grew deep underground near the same ruin in which her mother died.

She searched for days, with little food and water. The sun was far off, and she fought off Darkspawn as she tried to sneak through the passages underground. But that had never been her forte. When finally she found the herb she needed, she gathered all she could and made her way back. But bloodied, bruised and exhausted she could feel her body beginning to slow. The final few attacks were brutal, and sent Em dragging herself out of the cave to fire a flaming shot high into the air for her brethren to find her.

Her Keeper knew she didn’t have much time. So they took her herb to heal her father, and a portion of the elves brought her to the Grey Warden fortress where she was successfully joined. This new life was a small curse though. Though her family remained close by for the start of her training, they eventually had to move on. She remained at the Fortress, learning all she could from her new life as a Warden while still visiting her family when they came close.

Today Tempest is an experienced, skilled Warden who holds the law above nearly all else. She still has contact with her tribe, and returns whenever she can to aid them. Her age is a testament to her roots. For though she has lived fifty four years, Em appears to be only thirty to human eyes. Now she travels wherever the Wardens take her, but also seeks Dalish knowledge in other lands to bring back to her tribe.

How long have you been a Grey Warden?

Em has been a Grey Warden for Eight years, and remains strong against the corruption.

How were you recruited into the Grey Wardens?

She was admitted in due to the begging of her Keeper. The Wardens knew her tribe well, and of Em’s skill. They knew she would be an asset. Death was also the only alternative. This made the decision easy.

How do you feel about the Grey Wardens?

Em holds them in high regard. They saved her. Every breath she takes is a gift from them, despite the occasional nightmare. She uses all her strength to protect their interests and morals. The only other set of principles she holds as high are the Dalish ones. She is an extremely loyal woman, and as her tattoo implies she carries her title with her in every situation.

Where and what were you doing during the last Blight?

Tempest was dealing with a Darkspawn outbreak in Anderfels. Many of the spawn in the area became extremely agitated and spread forth against the areas her tribe was travelling in. To protect the Warden’s fortress, as well as her family Tempest was allowed to rejoin her tribe in the interest of fighting off the Darkspawn nearer their lairs.

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It is good to see my brethern from the Anderfels joining us in Ferelden. We are sorely lacking a presence here.

(( I've also decided to keep the Warden applications in the Warden subforum instead of moving them to the Character Applications forum. I think it would maybe confuse people even more as to where to put their applications. ))
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