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Name: Kilika
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: 25
Birth place: Anderfels
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: White
Physical description: Kilika is a rogue. he is tall and fit and toned, but not overly muscular. He has long black hair, and dark stubble. His eyes are a pale white color, as a side effect from his Joining Ritual. He wears an old set of blackblade armour which has been passed down from his ancestors, the design much different from more modern blackblade armor.

Class: Rogue
Specialisation: Dual Weapon, poison/grenade making.
Prominent skills/spells: Dual Weapon Mastery- Kilika has been fighting with two weapons his entire life, and to this day it is his only real combat specialization, giving him more time to pour all his effort into training until he was able to fight with two main handed weapons.

Biography:Kilika was never really happy in his childhood. He grew up in a commoner family, the oldest son among 3 girls. At one time Kilika's family was well off and respected. His ancestors had been part of the blackblades gang from its conception until its dissolution. In those days the family had earned quite a bit of money working for the gang, but after it broke up, the work stopped. Kilika's grandfather was forced to find a different line of work, and became a tailor. Kilika's father was never fond of his family history, and kept it a secret from the children. Both his father and grandfather never had much skill with a blade, but from a young age Kilika showed skill. His father didn't condone this however, and did not want his family going back to the ways it had been in before.

So Kilika trained in secrecy. Of his three sisters, two were older than Kilika, and the other, Ariana was his twin. She also possessed great skill with a blade, and the two often trained together, developing their skills together, and teaching each other as they got better. It wasn't until Kilika was 15 that he even learned of the family's history. By this time he had become quite proficient with a blade, and quite skilled at breaking through locks.

Kilika's father's business had started to head south, and as a result the family had decided to relocate to Lothering, hoping his business would do better there. It was one day while they were emptying their home that Kilika found an odd chest in their cellar. While everyone else rushed about Kilika unlocked the chest and found all sots of unbelievable things. In the bottom of the chest was the blackblade armour which he still wears. Along with it were letters, papers, and other odd trinkets. They recounted tales of missions his ancestors had completed for the blackblade gang. Kilika was dazzled. He felt like the life of a tailor's son wasn't good enough for him. he wanted glory and fame, bloodshed and battle. He stole the armour, hiding it in his own belongings, and locked the chest. It was left behind when the family left, his father not wanting to take it, but Kilika had already gotten the real prize.

Moving to Lothering proved quite enjoyable. Kilika and his sister had more time and space to train their skills in secresy, while business picked up and life came back to normal. For years it went on blissfully, until Kuma's father found the stolen armour. His father had known it as in the chest, and had hoped to leave it in the Anderfels in order to escape the family's dark past. The two got into a heated argument, and Kilika ended up leaving home at the age of 18. Ariana had never had problems with her father, but she had grown so close to her brother, she left with him.

The two survived fine on their own, Kilika's proficient theft skills coming in quite handy. They made their way across Fereldan, training their skills, completing odd jobs here and there for a bit of coin. Things would have been find if Kilika hadn't gotten greedy...

How long have you been a Grey Warden?
By the time Kilika was 20, him and Ariana had traveled all across Thedas. While in a bar back in the Anderfels Kilika heard a drunk man talking about Weissaupt Fortress. Having grown up in the Anderfels Kilika had heard a little about Weissaupt fortress, and knew that inside was an armory with rare and valuable weapons. The drunk was spouting tales about Weissaupt being abandoned, that something called the Blight was coming and that the Grey Wardens had all left to investigate it. Kilika knew he shouldn't have taken the rambling man's words at face value, but something inside him wanted to get inside that fortress, and leave with as much treasure as him and his sister could carry. When they entered the fortress, the commoners Kilika and Ariana never came out again.

How were you recruited into the Grey Wardens?
What the drunk ahd said was partly true. There were virtually no wardens in the fortress. But this did not mean it was unguarded. A handful of Templars as well as at least 50 soldiers were still in the fortress.They should have abandoned their mission, but they didn't. Kilika and Ariana managed to get all the way to the armoury without being detected. Unfortunately a group of soldiers, recruits waiting for their joining ritual, had walked past the armoury as they were in there. The two had to fight, and managed to kill every soldier that came. 20 dead recruits lay at there feet when the Templars came in. They filed into the armoury, clinging to either side of the wall. They were followed by a Grey Warden. a handful of the order had stayed behind for a situation just such as this.

The Grey Warden gave them a choice. They could take the Joining ritual and join the Grey Wardens, make up for what they had done in the fortress, or they could be executed where they stood. it was a pretty easy choice.

How do you feel about the Grey Wardens?
Kilika has a bit of a love hate relationship with the Wardens. He considers himself a brother in the order, and cares for the other Wardens. He sees this as his way to live his dream of glory and fame, bloodshed and battle. At the same time he holds a small amount of bitterness over what the Order has taken from him.

Where and what were you doing during the last Blight?
Kilika wanted to be in Fereldan during the Blight, but the other Grey Wardens would not let him. Instead he was in training, some of the more se4nior wardens worrying that his confidence and temper would be his undoing in a real battle.

Finally, at the end of your application, we ask that you include a short roleplay sample of around 300-500 words of your character’s Joining Ritual experience

"Heh, that's hardly even a workout," Kilika laughed, removing his dagger from the throat of a soldier and replacing it on his back with his longsword. "Grab whatever you can before more come," he said, bending down to pick the lock on a golden chest. Suddenly he heard footsteps, and Ariana let out a small surprised yelp. Templars filed into the room, longing either side of the door, and blocking any exit. Following them was a man in golden armour, a gryphon emblazoned on his chestpiece. He introduced himself as a Grey Warden, stating that he was left here to look over the fortress, and asked what the two were doing in it.

Kilika wasn't one to just give up easily. He rushed at the warden, flashing a nod to his sister. She moved into action and attacked the nearest Templar. She sunk a dagger into his armpit between the two pieces of armour, and shoved him into the next Templar, knocking them both to the ground. The Warden was a little more ready for the assault, and parryed Kilika's blow with relative ease. The two traded strikes for a few minute,s neither able to strike the other, while Ariana fended off the remaining Templars. A scream from his sister finally distracted Kilika, as he watched Ariana fall to the floor, a deep gash in her upper thigh spilling blood across the white marble floor. The Warden took this opportunity and drew his shield, bringing it up to connect with Kilika's face. The rogue saw stars, and fell to the floor.

When Kilika awoke the Warden was standing over him once more. He told the two of the deal, telling them that they could either go through the Joining, and take a chance of dying, or be killed outright. Both decided that joining the Wardens was the better idea. Th Warden explained that under normal circumstances they would have the two go out and fight darkspawn in order to collect their blood for the ritual. With Kilika and Ariana however, they could not trust that the two would not flee.

Kilika was hardly listening as the Warden spoke some words about the ritual, apparently which had been spoken since the beginning of the order. His heart beat wildly as he looked over at his sister. The cup was brought to his lips first, and he sipped lightly at the foul red liquid inside. It burned everything as it went down, and there was an immediate pain in the front of his head. He let out a pained scream as the foul substance his his stomach. His entire body felt weak, and his arms and legs were like jelly. His head began to pound, and a high pitch ringing took over his hearing. His vision slowly blackened, and the last thing the rogue saw was his sister drinking from the blood, before he passed out on the cold marble floor.

It was another day before Kilika woke up. His body felt as if it were having the worst hangover in existence. His head still hurt and every muscle in his body was sore. He looked around and noticed he was in a room. Across from him was another bed, on top of which sat a young man polishing a greatsword.

"Finally awake eh?" he asked, "That taste is gonna stick with ya fer weeks," he warned. Putting down the weapon he got up from the bed. "We were starting to worry neither of you'd make it through the ritual, but I guess you're stronger than we though,"

Kilika was barely listening to what the man said, but a few words leaped out of his narrative and caught him with a cold dread which pinched in his chest. "Ariana..."

[color=purple][b] "The girl with you? I...I'm sorry... she didn't make it."[/color=purple]

At that moment Kilika couldn't imagine a greater heartache. The closest person in his life was gone. She had been more than his twin sister, they were best friends. She was his other half. As he rolled over in his new bed Kilika allowed the despair of the moment to wash over him, sure that he could never feel anything this heart wrenching again.

But he did. When the Blight was finally finished, Kilika would find himself an orphan, completely alone in the world. If only he had been allowed to travel to Fereldan, he could have saved his family. Each and everyone of them was dead, and he was to blame. Kilika, and the Wardens.

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My heart swells at your loss. However, the life of a Grey Warden is often wrought with heart ache and hardship. Good luck to you and we look forward to you joining us in Ferelden.
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