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Post  Vivace-Vivian on Sun Nov 27, 2011 12:42 pm

Name: Donald von Tinkerton
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: 36
Birth place: Ferelden... somewhere.
Hair colour: Sandy brown
Eye colour: Greyish blue
Physical description:

Donald is a well built man, with a body fit for travel. Strong legs and a strong back help him carry his enormous amount of inventions around with him. The man stands at five foot ten, with somewhat long hair usually swept back to reveal a shocked expression. For a man often left scratching his head, Donald is quite easy to look at with a thin face and steel coloured eyes.

His hands are calloused from working with little bits of metal and wood to try and make his creations better. He is often found wearing the same clothes for days on end without opportunity to change. Usually they consist of leathers, enough to keep him warm at night and complaining about the heat during the day. His pack is actually longer then his back and also a little wider. Made up of brown canvas, the thing has about as many springs, whos-its and whats-its bouncing off of it as... well...

There really isn’t anything like von Tinkerton’s pack.

Class: Ser Obvious
Specialisation: Pointing out his class’ namesake.
Prominent skills/spells: Observing drunk and disorderly behavior, as well as making people aware of exactly what is occurring right before their eyes.
Occupation: Inventor


If one could stand to listen through all of his hilarious stories and piece them together to find a single strand of the truth they would find that sadly, Donald does not remember his past. Whether it was a slip in a horse pen that busted his head open or a little too much time spent breathing in fumes from the local brewery the man has lost the first bit of his life near completely. He is aware however that from his teen years he has been technically inclined. Or so he would like to think.

Donald’s last memory is of walking on a path, with his iconic pack weighing him down. Where he was going and why, he does not recall. Even now he’ll often have people ask how he is, when he doesn’t remember meting them before. At any rate, the man has been traveling since a young age, continually trying to make trinkets and inventions to make life a little easier for everyone.

He has become somewhat famous around large towns. Known as a sort of hilarious maniac to be pleasantly respected simply because of his good nature. His constant willingness to lend a hand has brought him all over Ferelden. Though he often ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time, Donald has remained good spirited and very willing to point out the obvious for all those who aren’t paying enough attention.

"It makes orange juice and compost. Brilliant!"

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Donald, Human Buffoon Empty Re: Donald, Human Buffoon

Post  Halinu on Mon Nov 28, 2011 12:25 am

You know, I think this is a character application!

I've always loved the idea of him and it's nice to see a character without combat skill (in theory) and without a class!

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