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Name: Teluvah Merendel
Gender: Female
Race: Half-elf (human/elf half-breed)
Age: 24
Birth place: In the wilderness of the Free Marches

Hair colour: A light red
Eye colour: Green, usually, but a solid black when shape shifting

Teluvah Merendel, half-elf mage Teluvah

Physical description: Teluvah is a slight woman, due to her elf heritage. She stands at 5’4”, with lightly toned muscles. Her hair is quite short, shaped around her face with small braids here and there. She paints her face with patterns similar to vallaslin of the dalish because she is proud of her heritage. However, other dalish elves may recognise that her “tattoos” aren’t true blood writing and her practise has met much criticism.

Class: Mage
Specialisation: Shape Shifter
Prominent skills/spells: Mostly, she focuses on her animal shapes, though she knows a few healing spells and very basic elemental and warding magic from her time in the Gallows.

Teluvah Merendel, half-elf mage Wolf

Wolf form - This is Teluvah’s preferred form. She hunts for food, travels, and battles in this form. She looks like a shaggy tawny wolf.

Spider form - For secrecy and escape, Teluvah has learned the form of a small house spider. She can do very little damage in this form, nor does she have venom capabilities. However, it helps her out in a pinch.

Occupation: Wanderer

Biography: Teluvah’s clan stayed away from humans at all costs. They had often met raiders and bandits in the Free Marches and through their time wandering. These encounters were often bloody and the elves became bitter, equating humans to destruction and death.

Teluvah’s mother was First to the Keeper of her clan. She was a kind and sensitive woman who was skilled with nature magic. One day, while accompanying a scouting party near their camp in the Marches, they were ambushed by bandits. Many of her breathren were killed and Teluvah’s mother was injured. The bandits descended upon her as she lost consciousness.

When she awoke, she found herself in a crude camp being tended to by a young healer. As it turns out, these bandits were only refugees from the war in Ferelden and they were hungry and desperate. They tried to hunt in the same lands the elves occupied and feared meeting the strange creatures. Teluvah’s mother realised that both parties had erred and decided to stay with the refugees for a few months to learn their ways before returning to her people with the information. Surely they would understand and both parties could cease their hostilities.

Several months later, she ventured back to her clan escorted by a man she had fallen in love with and taken as her husband. Her clan was not pleased with her return and accused her of betraying their secrets. They shot her husband down as they fled from her clan’s wrath. Heartbroken, she took refuge in the dirty recesses of Low Town in Kirkwall.

Many months after her escape, she gave birth to a baby girl - the only thing left of her time with the refugees and a painful reminder of her husband’s murder. Teluvah was a curious and happy child. She flourished under her mother’s love and kindness. She was taught to read and write and absorbed the knowledge quickly, even as a young girl. Teluvah grew to respect and appreciate nature, as her mother did.

As Teluvah matured, she began to show signs of magical abilities, which was not surprising, as her mother was trained in natural magic as a First to the Keeper. Though her mother despaired and told her to never show her abilities to anyone else, Teluvah was young and did not understand why her special gifts were looked down upon.

One day, in the streets of Low Town, she and the other dirty children were playing in the refuse when they found some flowers growing up through the crumbling slabs of stone. Some of the other children stamped the blossoms out under their bare feet laughing in the faces of those who defied them. A very young girl, a friend to Teluvah, began to cry, as she wanted to give the flowers to her ill mother. “Don’t cry,” said Teluvah, bravely. She touched the Fade and nature responded to her. New flowers grew between the cracks of the flagstones, stronger than ever. Teluvah’s young friend was thrilled, but the other children ran in fear from the strange powers of the elf child.

It wasn’t long til word got around and two men clad in the steel armour of the Chantry came pounding on their door. They asked Teluvah outright if she could do magic and in her trusting and honest way, she replied, “Of course! Do you want to see?”

Her mother sobbed as they dragged Teluvah away and the girl did not understand what she did wrong. She was thrown into the Gallows.

Despite everything, Teluvah persevered. She kept to herself, read a lot, and learned. There was so much to learn in the Gallows. Her magical abilities were subpar, especially for her age, but she found she had a talent with nature. In the dusty and forgotten libraries of the prison, she found books haphazardly stashed away that contained knowledge of changing shapes. For years she studied and practiced to sometimes horrific results. She kept her experiments to herself.

Most of all, Teluvah missed her mother. One night, once she had gotten the hang of a simple spider transformation, she scuttled out from under the locked door of her room. Elated and anxious, she spent the better part of two days painstakingly traversing the walls and ceilings of the Gallows, avoiding steel boots and the vermin who crept in the dark recesses. Finally, she hid on a boat, crossing the canal to the city proper and made her way home.

She couldn’t wait to see her mother’s face again. She missed her so much she ached. She gritted her teeth through the pain of the transformation back into a humanoid form. She knocked on her door... and was greeted by strangers. A filthy human boy stared at her with wide eyes asking her what she wanted. She wasn’t sure how she looked, as life in the Gallows had taken its toll on her. The boy’s mother appeared and shooed her away, slamming the door in her face.

Teluvah was alone. Her mother had vanished in the countless years she had spent locked away in the Mages’ Tower and she had nowhere to go. She couldn’t go back now that she had successfully escaped, and they would be searching for her soon enough, if they weren’t already. Thus, she left the city in search of her mother.

Personality: Though she has met much hardship in her life, Teluvah is surprisingly bright and optimistic. She has lived in great poverty and harrowing circumstances, but she cherishes the good in her life. She appreciates the NOW and HERE. Nothing better than a brisk, clear morning with earth between her toes. She’s kind and helpful, extremely curious and good at foraging. Though she has much knowledge on many things, she has great difficulty understanding the motives of others or thinking in terms of strategy. She can be quite aloof and is more of an independent entity than a follower or a leader. Sometimes, she will wander off when someone is speaking to her, lost in her own thoughts and desires.

Tracking abilities - Since her primary form is a wolf, she has exceptional tracking abilities. She can recognise many trails that animals leave behind, because she has spent so much time in the woods, hunting for food. She can discern different bird calls and animal sounds as well. As a wolf, her sense of smell is paramount and once she gets a scent in her repertoire, she is able to track it with ease.

Honest - Whether this is a strength remains to be seen, as it can get her into trouble fairly often. Teluvah was always taught that honesty to others and honesty to yourself is always the key to living life to the fullest. You can count on Teluvah to say what’s on her mind and tell you if you look fat in those leathers. She is incapable of deception.

Literate - Her mother was an intelligent and studied woman. She passed on all her knowledge to Teluvah. She is able to read and write without difficulty and even knows bits of dalish speak and dalish runes. Her love of knowledge makes it easy for her to pick up languages and new concepts.

Feral - She is a strong animal, able to survive in the wilderness and use her savagery to her advantage. However, she often spends lengthy periods of time shape shifted and tends to lose her humanity. The longer she spends shifted, the more lost she becomes in the animal’s mind. After shifting back from a long period in beast form, she forgets how to act as a human, which can lead her to behave in outrageous ways, such as forgetting the need for clothing or that you can’t rip your dinner apart with your teeth in mixed company.

Curiosity - Teluvah likes to know why and how. She has a thirst for knowledge in all things, whether they are machinery, lore, or social conventions. Her pursuit of knowledge can sometimes lead her to abandon what little common sense she has.

Naïveté - Animals hide nothing. They know nothing of betrayal or deceit and they cannot deny their nature. Teluvah often accepts situations at face value and will believe what she is told because it doesn’t even occur to her that others would not be truthful. This often leads to her to be hurt and was how she ended up in the Gallows.

The Wicked Past (Completed) Past
{ With Petra Pluvia Eirheart }
Two companions plot their escape from the dreaded Gallows of Kirkwall.

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Wow, that took a really long time to write up! If no one has any objections -

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