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Name: Samuel Wallace

Theme Music: Burning Bridges - Blue Stahli

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Age: 35

Birth place: Lothering

Hair colour: Brown

Eye colour: Blue-Green

Physical description: Samuel's once youthful appearance has been greatly overshadowed. Where his eyes were once vibrant they are now dulled, and his body bears the bruises and scars of the years he's spent imprisoned within Aeonar. Despite this, he is still fairly attractive by most standards. His brown hair is long, about shoulder length, and he wears it held back somewhat. Unlike most of the other prisoners he keeps himself clean shaven. Though his expression often seems tired and dulled his body has not withered at all during his time imprisoned. In fact, quite the opposite. Samuel is extremely physically fit and has kept his body conditioned, especially considering there is not much else to do.

Class: Warrior

Specialisation: Two Handed, Templar

Prominent skills:
Relentless Offense - Samuel fights by throwing himself into his attack and simply never stopping. He follows through each strike with another to keep his enemies on their toes, attempting to force them to constantly stay on the defensive.

Powerful Swings - Samuel throws a lot of force behind each swing, but he is not a brawler. He strikes hard and fast to stagger his enemies and uses the massive momentum from each attack to carry forward into the next. With enough force, Samuel can even break an enemies guard, staggering them long enough to go in for a killing blow.

Wid Arc - Samuel's strength serves him well in his offensive tactics. It also serves him well in situations where he finds himself fighting more than one opponent. If clustered together Samuel's strength allows him to follow through from one opponent to the next, striking them all by swinging in a wide arc that would throw many people off balance.

Templar Abilities - Samuel has training in the abilities used by templars. When combatting mages he prefers to use his Holy Smite to gain an early advantage and is usually quick to cleanse hostile magic-afflicted areas. Due to his imprisonment in Aeonar, however, Samuel has not had access to any lyrium for some time.

Occupation: Ex-Templar/Prisoner

Improved Strength - Simply put, Samuel is strong. He has the training and strength to wield the much heavier plate armor effectively as well as the strength and ability to lug around and fight with a massive two handed greatsword.

Improved Stamina - Through many years of honing his talents and intense conditioning Samuel has learned how to pace himself without sacrificing the power that constitutes his fighting style. In battles where opponents are beginning to tire Samuel will likely still have a nice reserve to keep himself going.

Magic Resistance - Through the intense training of the templar order Samuel has learned how to properly defend against magical attacks. Particularly when lyrium courses through his veins he can shrug off the worst of most magical attacks and has built up a mental fortitude to aid against more subversive, less direct types of magic.

Zealous - Some might call it brainwashing, but however it came to be Samuel has adopted some of the more zealous templar views when it comes to magic and mages. While he does not outright hate them he certainly sees them as second class and hardly as people, nothing more than dangers to be carefully watched. When he was a templar he was far from popular with the mage population of the tower.

Lyrium Dependent - Like all templars, Samuel is addicted to and dependent on lyrium to access the full extent of his abilities. Because he has been deprived of it for so long he has developed rather severe symptoms of withdrawal. Even if he was introduced to it again withdrawal would have a very profound affect on the templar throughout the rest of his life, causing anything from severe shakes to delusions.

Weapons/Armor: Samuel favors the traditional heavy templar plate armor. His blade is called Dominus, a massive two handed greatsword. The metal is folded with lyrium that acts as a mana cancelling agent when used upon a mage. Regardless of the enemy it is used on, Dominus is a very heavy, weighted blade that when used with enough force can cleave through armor and easily break an enemies guard. It has not seen use for some time, however.

Samuel Wallace, Ex-Templar MY5QM

Samuel Wallace was born in Lothering in 8:96 Blessed. He didn't know much of his father, having only actually seen him once. His father fight with the rebellion under the future King Maric. Although the rebellion succeeded, his father did not live to see it. Faced with the prospect of raising three children on her own, Samuel's mother did the only thing she could have done and sent Samuel, her youngest, to the Chantry monastery. The Chantry of course gladly accepted him as their charge and from then on Samuel's destiny was written to be a member of the Templar Order.

Samuel was one of many, but that didn't make it easy on him. He was plagued with issues of abandonment - he'd been old enough to know who his parents were, having been sent to the chantry at the age of six, but he certainly wasn't over his attachment to his mother. The separation was a huge blow to the child. But eventually he learned to adapt. Though he did not go through any training until much later in his life, he did take solace in the training itself. If anything, it allowed him to push aside the insecurities he felt.

As Samuel grew so did his sense of duty. Having known chantry rules and authority for most of his life he did not have much sense about anything else, but that was alright with him. Over time he came to strongly believe in what the Chantry taught, both the good and bad. One lesson he did not grasp however was the idea of forgiveness. He did not forgive his family for what he felt was abandoning him, and he had no forgiveness for those Chantry teachings implied were enemies. Dalish elves were nothing but heretics, mages were nothing but dangers, that sort of thing.

At the age of 20 Samuel was granted full knighthood. He was posted throughout various places in Ferelden but for the most part Samuel spent a lot of time in the Circle Tower. It was a double edged sword. On the one hand he felt as if it was where he could best do his duty. Mages were a terrible danger after all. On the other, he felt paranoid and unsafe around them. After an incident where a young apprentice was harmed, Samuel was assigned to a mage-hunter squad. Here, he thrived. He excelled at hunting down his quarry and gave no quarter to any mage who showed any sort of resistance. In terms of statistics, Samuel eventually became one of the best mage hunters in Ferelden.

Samuel continued this assignment for the better part of ten years. When not hunting down mages he still spent much of his time residing in the Circle Tower. But his career took a sudden turn for the worse. The true story of what happened is not widely known. Officially, he was charged with dereliction of duty and allowing a mage to escape, though anyone who knew him personally would find that hard to believe..

At best Samuel Wallace is a cold person. The few times he has been warm with other people has sort of been described as a 'cold-warm.' Perhaps this is due to what some might consider his very zealous views or his brainwashing by the chantry into an overzealous templar to begin with. Or perhaps he was simply never very friendly. Whatever the reason, Samuel admires results much more than he enjoys companionship. He judges people on the extent of their usefulness.

Because he was brought up almost solely on chantry teachings some of his views concerning other races and mages especially are more prejudiced than most. It would be unfair to say he outright hates mages or, say elves for example, but it wouldn't be entirely far from the truth. He certainly doesn't trust them, though trusting anyone beyond how useful they are holds true for just about anyone. And above all, Samuel does not take what he sees as betrayal in kind. He will hold onto a grudge for a lifetime if he has to.

Samuel Wallace, Ex-Templar VOOAt

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It'll be interesting to hear what truly happened to Samuel!
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