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Name: Ren Shimizu
Gender: Female
Race: Elf
Age: 19
Birth place: Ferelden, Where exactly is unknown
Hair colour: black
Eye colour: blue
Physical description: Ren’s body frame is quite small, but because of a hard life and hard training she is very strong for her small frame. She is about 1 m and 60 cm in length. Ren mostly carries the swords of her parents longswords and light armour. Which can be slightly different very form time to time. Tough she won’t wear any armour on her head because it limits her vision. She has long, black hair and she hates to put anything in it because she likes its natural beauty.

Class: Rouge
Specialisation: Ranger/ Dual wielding
Prominent skills/spells:

- very strong and fast using blades
- sneaking around without making a sound
- opening locks
- basic knowledge about healing(non-magical)
- good with animals
- keen eyes for almost anything
- using two longswords at the same time
- can run long and fast
- dual wielding techniques:Dual weapon training, Dual weapon Finesse, Dual weapon sweep, flurry
- Ranger techniques: get aid from a animal in the area. Not getting aid from an animal that does not live in the area.

Occupation: adventurer


Ren was born in Ferelden. Nothing really special about that. Her first years she spent in an alienage, but it is not known which it was. Ren does not know herself. When she was 10 years old Ren and her parents where visiting an other family in an other alienage. But on the way back the caravan they were travelling with was attacked by bandits. The caravan guards gave a good fight but where outnumbered. It did not took long before the guards where put down, dead or wounded is unknown. The owner of the caravan took advantage of the confusion and fled very fast. Ren and her family fled.

Ren and her family tried to escape from the bandits. But were not fast enough and were captured. They took the swords of Ren’s parents. Ren was filled with fear as she heard the bandits talking about what they should do with the elves. After a while they decided they would take Ren and her family to a slaver they usually worked with. He would pay something for the elves. He was a Tevinter slaver, but was now doing something in the Free Marches. So the would go there now and not Ren nor her parents had anything to say about it. The bandits also made it clear that if one of them escaped the others would be hurt a lot or even killed. The journey to the Free Marches was long and even tougher for the three elves. The bandits let them do almost al the work. Though they gave her parents the hardest task, She did not escape the ‘easy’ jobs. Mostly this was helping setting camp, getting water from a nearby river. They knew she would not run away. And they mostly stopped somewhere close to a river. After a few days they reached a ship, and it was clear it was not a legal ship.

After coming in the Free Marches everything changed. They where almost in the place where the slaver stayed for a few weeks. They where going trough a forest, when one night they managed to get themselves free. They sneaked around the camp searching and hoping to find their weapons. They found them and ran out of the camp as fast as they could. After a few days the bandits caught up to them. They were not very happy and killed both Ren’s parents. Ren’s parents were armed, but they were not warriors, and the fight did not took more then 10 seconds. Her parents where killed right before her eyes. She started crying when one of the bandits lifted her with her shirt. He said if she tried to escape again it would be her turn. They took the swords of her parents again, the blades could fetch a nice price in a shop. They went one more day which Ren mostly was crying. When the bandits where attacked by a mage and a shady looking man. Nobody could see the shady man well. Because he had his face covered in a long hood. The mage had short brown hair and had an scary-looking face. In amazingly swift but deadly blows the shady man quickly took out two bandits with his daggers. The mage used a fireball spell on a few bandits that were standing in a open place in the forest. The spell hit one and three other were caught in the blast. Most of the other bandits fled for their lives leaving Ren and almost all their possessions behind. The shady man came forward and asked Ren if she was alright. She answered that she was fine and asked what the he would do with her. the mage said that maybe they should eat her. The shady man quickly replied he should stop scaring her and that they would not do that. Ren could laugh with it later, but now she was quite shocked when she heard that. The shady man asked she had any family. Ren told the duo all of her family was in Ferelden and that she did not even knew where. After long thinking and discussing they decided she could come with them. Ren introduced herself and asked for their names. They said that names do not matter here, She could call the mage ‘The Mage’ and the shady man ‘The Ranger’. They did not even knew each others names, but you could see that they were friends for a long time. They also asked to keep the mages true nature a secret. She already knew why, because once every few months a templar or two came to look for a mage sighted in this forest. The Ranger knew though animals that they came and they would hide his magical friend. They never found him. She took her parents swords

Shortly after their arrival in a small house where the duo lived. Preparations where made so she could live with the two man. Shortly after that, Ren asked Ranger if she could learn his way of fighting. He asked if she wanted to be a ranger. She doubted one moment and said yes. He asked what she would do with the talents she would gain as a ranger. Ren answered she would help people and animals. He replied that she needed to train as a rogue first. She asked if he could help her becoming a rogue and maybe a ranger. Years passed and Ren became good friends with both The Ranger and The Mage. She became a fine rogue and ranger as well. A friend to animals and people alike. Though some humans of course still see elves as second-class, those that met her in the woods did not hate her because she showed them the way out. Though some were a bit suspicious about this elf. She did not hated humans. She had seen good and bad humans and knew something is mostly not bad because of race.

At age of 19 Ren decided it was time to go back where she belonged, to her beloved Ferelden. She promised her friends she would visit them sometimes. So she left back over the sea and finally reached her homeland. She left the port town and went to adventure somewhere.

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