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Name: Venerys Talresh
Theme: Breathe - Alexi Murdoch
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 8
Birth Year: 9:24 Dragon
Birth place: Kocari Wilds
Hair colour: Red
Eye colour: Blue-Green

Appearance: Standing around 3'11" and weighing approx. 49 lbs, Venerys has a fairly average build for a girl her age. She has straight, reddish colored hair just passed chin length which is always meticulously styled and then promptly ruined when she goes out exploring. How her hair looks depends on the time of day more than anything else. Her eyes are a light blue-green, and her face is dotted with freckles. Venerys usually dresses simply, in a plain beige dress or a more boyish outfit for playing outside.

Class: Child; Mage Apprentice

Specialisation: Creation [Apprentice]

Favored Spells:
Healing - Venerys has a very basic understanding of the healing arts. She has learned enough to be able to mend minor injuries and scrapes with relative ease as well as minor-to-moderate injuries at a significant cost to her innate mana pool.

Glyphs - Venerys developed her abilities with glyphs through her artistic side. She spent countless hours learning how to draw the magical symbols illustrated in books or taught to her by her adopted mother. Though she doesn't always fully understand the meaning of the symbols, she is capable of imbuing them with mana. She is able to use the right glyph for the right situation as long as she has help, though she hasn't mastered imbuing some of the more powerful symbols.

Gifted - At the age of eight Venerys is learning to master simple spells at a time when many children are first learning that they even have the gift. Venerys has a natural talent and has the potential to become a very skilled mage with the proper training.

Child at Heart - Venerys has a very friendly disposition, and her innate charm can be disarming to new people that she meets. Who could ever want to harm her??

Tempting Target - For her age, Venerys is a capable mage. She is by no means a powerful mage by general standards however, and she has the typical naivety of a child. It is possible that a demon would be drawn to her potential.

Occupation: Rebel's adopted daughter

Biography: Venerys was born to the shaman of the Chasind Hawk tribe in 9:24 Dragon, six years before the fifth blight that so devastated the southern country. She was treated just as any other female child of the chasind, raised by the women of the tribe and largely ignored by her father, who had many duties to attend to. Of course, everything changed in her third year. Venerys's tribe was visited by a stranger from the north, from Ferelden. She didn't know it at the time, but this stranger was going to change her life. She went by the name of Ezrae Talresh, and after only a few days staying with the Hawk tribe it was revealed that Ezrae was in fact a mage, just like Venerys's father. Ezrae challenged her father, whose arrogance led him to accept. The stranger bested her father in a test of skill with magic, and very nearly struck him dead. Instead he relented, and gave her an honored place among the tribe.

A year later, Venerys discovered that she herself was a mage. Only four years old, she hardly had the skill to control much less cast even a basic spell. The woman Ezrae claimed to see potential in her, and took on the task of mentoring her in her new abilities. Over time, Venerys grew quite fond of the woman. Two years later, when the blight struck and the tribe scattered, Venerys was one of the ones who decided to remain with her mentor, and together they fled deep into the Brecilian Forest to the north, waiting out the year. Venerys remains with her mentor and adoptive mother to this day, even as she leads her self-claimed revolution against Ferelden and against the templars she despised.

Personality: Venerys has a somewhat dual sided personality that she naturally flows back and forth between. She has a slightly more worldly view than most children her age, and at times may seem more mature than she should be. This isn't all that surprising given everything she has endured in her short life. Venerys also has a lighter, more confident and playful side to her that she lets out when appropriate. This is typically the side that comes out when meeting new people. Venerys also has a strong affinity for art and drawing. All things considered, Venerys seems to be quite well adjusted.

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