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Character Application Form Empty Character Application Form

Post  Halinu on Mon Apr 04, 2011 9:57 pm

We strongly suggest you read BAA Guidelines, Character Guidelines, Specialisations, Roleplay and Forum Conduct, and DA Canon and Setting before you create your first character, as this gives detailed information on what to expect from the roleplay and everyone else.

PLEASE NOTE: By submitting a character application, you are saying that you have read the rules and guidelines drawn out by the Blood and Ashes moderation team and that you accept and will comply with them.

Think of character applications as short character biographies. They're a way for us to get to know your character enough and see if you have a grasp of the world of Thedas and its lore. It's also a good preliminary check on a member's tendency to godmode.

To apply for a new character, create a new post in the Character Applications forum. The post's topic must be your character's name followed by its race and class, if applicable. You may also add specialisation and home town, if you wish.


Brisna Daelin, Human Blood Mage of Redcliffe

In the body of the post, paste the following form and expand on each area.

[b]Birth place:[/b]
[b]Hair colour:[/b]
[b]Eye colour:[/b]
[b]Physical description:[/b]

[b]Prominent skills/spells:[/b]


The more detailed you make your application, the better we get to know your character, the sooner you get approved and can start roleplaying. After you have made your thread and posted it, a moderator will read through your application and will either approve it or tell you why it has not been approved. At this point, a moderator will be able to get to your post in less than 24 hours. Feel free to read the example application.
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