Like Lothering after the blight, UNDER CONSTRUCTION

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Like Lothering after the blight, UNDER CONSTRUCTION Empty Like Lothering after the blight, UNDER CONSTRUCTION

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Name:Vivienne Marie vas Hex
Age:Refuses to disclose
Birth place:The Tervinter Imperium
Hair colour: White
Eye colour: light blue
Physical description:
Vivienne is a regal woman. She enjoys the finest things in life including garments, jewelry, perfumes, makeup and even tattoos. The woman has spent her life making her body a work of art, which is perhaps why it is so hard to discern her age. If it wasn’t for her near platinum hair, it would be impossible to tell that she had aged at all. As of late though, her lifestyle ahs changed. The edges of her eyes have begun to crack ever so slightly from the amount of time she spends laughing at the goings on in her tavern.

She and the rest of her family share a darker skin colour then those in Ferelden. Her accent is still heavily steeped in her home land, and she is in no hurry to change it. Her favoured colours are red and white, and she wears varying styles of outfit that all compliment her still impressive figure. In fact, no one seems to have ever seen her in the same outfit twice. She is always clean, clear of blemishes or any spot of dirt.

Her movements are nothing if not elegant and feminine. Her laugh is enough to light up a room, and her glare is enough to shut the mightiest of foes down. She has a commanding presence, and uses it to her advantage. Her somewhat deep and powerful voice demands respect.

Class: Obscenely rich diplomat
Specialisation: Negotiation, Influence, Funding
Prominent skills/spells:


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